Smartphones and computers are kept out of sight for the day, the goal being to forget about work and focus on family.

Patrick, 33, married, 2 children


Inspired Trends

Go for

Discover strange and wonderful places in the country of the Northern Lights
Through the eyes of René B, trend hunter


Shabby Chic is the art of creating harmony between odd bits and pieces from our heritage
Through the eyes of Karine J., decor designer

The loft

Raw materials and vegetation shape our new interior environment
Through the eyes of Marisol M., graphic designer

Designers & collections


I designed a plate that brings out the sparkle of the glass using my imagination and what I think the great North should look like...
Marine, Product Stylist
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I designed Unisson with the idea to reduce the clutter in your kitchen cupboard, which is a real problem in our day...
Gabrielle, Designer
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My challenge? To get rid of the image of a glass that is “stackable, technical, and... boring!” It’s a handy glass, true, but I also wanted to make it attractive and fun...
Gregory, Designer
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Guingette is my design! A small stemmed glass with straight lines and a round base. I gave it a short, thick stem for that graphic...
Gregory, Designer
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The quirky idea of drinking from a jar was inspired by tin cans and using common products in a less ordinary way!, that’s what I liked about it...
Lucie, Designer
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Nest & Store

Nest & Store was a team effort with our industrial and marketing experts. I designed these storage containers with all the qualities for an ideal everyday product...
Raphaëlle, Designer
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