Inspired trends

Light-coloured wood furniture, soft pastels, armchairs with sensual curves...
Nordic is the latest trend. In regions where light grows scarce, interiors call for gentleness and warmth. A lifestyle in the colours of well-being.
In the country of the Northern Lights, greens blend into bluish hues. Strange and wonderful.

  • Colors
  • Shapes and materials


Nordic elegance and purity invade our interiors. Revealing the ambiance in a gentle light. Isn't this cosy?


Scandinavian style, away from it all. Retreat to a mini chalet lost in the fjords. A sky where blues and greens blend.


A bowl of steaming soup, a kannelbullar (cinnamon roll), raw fish: Northern delights to warm the heart.


Pastels combined with soft, fresh colours that intermingle to create a chic, tranquil ambiance.


Vegetation enters our world, domesticated by green fingers in vases, hanging pots, etc.


Dot the Nordic style with colourful accessories to create that special kind of well-being called Hygge*. Hygge is Danish and Denmark is the country of happiness. (*Pronounced hue-guh)


Like the wide, open landscape, glass greenhouses create open spaces that let the light in.


Inspired by tiles or textiles, wallpaper is back with decidedly geometric motives.


The combination of wood, animal skins and ceramic give a cosy style.

Ready for Hygge?

How to create this style

  1. Keep it simple: that’s the basis
  2. Combine gentle and natural colours
  3. Cushions are graphic if anything!
  4. Use lots of plants in your kitchen

Next step #expert

  1. Dare animal softness: fake sheepskin?
  2. Cleverly matched, design and vintage go well together
  3. Simple doesn't mean mundane...
  4. Hygge: you can't have too much colour

Very Hygge collections

Scandie collection

Scandie collection

The tile effect offers originality.

Alpaga collection

Alpaga collection

Blonde wood effect.

Hevea collection

Hevea collection

Faded effects for frosted colors.

Arty collection

Arty collection

Blue colour base for mixing and matching.