Inspired trends

In a setting filled with plants and gorgeous flowers, a green designer sofa, wallpaper with geometric motives, a well weathered side-table, and vintage metal accessories.
Shabby Chic is the art of creating harmony between odd bits and pieces from our heritage.
Elegance that zigzags between demure powder pink and bucolic abundance, the audacity of contemporary lines and the charm of recycled, customised pieces.

  • Colors
  • Shapes and materials


Back to our heritage and the furniture that inspires us: from crystal-drop chandeliers to fifties-style chairs.


Joyfully dig up and rub down our grandparents’ less-than-perfect furniture. Plant seeds in an old, recycled pot for a mini vegetable garden hanging over the balcony.


Mix and match carpets with prints, squares and big flowers.

Go green

It’s back to nature, colouring our interiors in shades of green, to feel like we live in an English garden.


A powder-pink headboard and a delicate, romantic posy placed on a small table: elegance is part of you!


Pompoms and fluffy cushions are your allies: choose them in pastel colours.


Fabric wallpaper with flowers and polka dots and a teapot turned vase create a cosy atmosphere.


The style is truly refined: a touch of gold here, a posy there. Femininity reigns.


We found an old mirror festooned with faded gilt. Here you are in your English cottage.

Ready for Shabby Chic?

How to create this style

  1. Rule n°1: opt for fresh green, pink and flowers. Ban all bright and flashy colours
  2. Look for old furniture: the keyword here is weathered
  3. Lose the black leather couch
  4. Get a brown dog with green eyes

Next step #expert

  1. You’re the kind who can skilfully match green fabrics with broad stripes and floral prints
  2. Indoor and outdoor blend into one
  3. You got a fake plant and it looks just great!
  4. There’s always a plate of pink macaroons and pistachio cupcakes

Real Shabby Chic collections

Alys collection

Alys collection

Elegant floral designs on a broad rim.

Arty collection

Arty collection

Mix and match essentials.

Marvella collection

Marvella collection

Three colours to pair.

Marvella collection

Marvella collection

Play with the transparency and layering.