Inspired trends

This is an era that connects with its past and future. Interiors take in traces of a bygone industrial world and the authentic footprint of vegetation.
Our modern, urban world needs beacons and tranquillity.
Lofts decked out with hanging gardens and plant walls illustrate this dual quest.

  • Colors
  • Shapes and materials


Interiors take on the look of old workshops in brick, glass, metal and wood. The green touches of tamed vegetation offset the coldness of a place that is transfixed in the past.


We want to breathe. Enough of this prevailing gloom... Time to bring some chlorophyll into almost-alternative living spaces.


A symbol of life and harmony, green protects us from a frenzied world. It offers us the key to “slow living”.


Metal and iron impose their raw hues.


Greenery, elected colour of 2017, glows. Its a dapper green that gently livens up the loft style.

Fifty shades...

From dark to bright, green comes in endless shades: khaki, emerald, mint or mineral, lemongrass... It brings variety into the different rooms and gladly teams up with a milky tone or slate grey.


The Factory style consists of furniture and accessories made of industrial materials like waxed concrete, stone, copper or black steel. Materials that are time-resistant and reassuring.


A glass roof, a touch of raw wood and a hanging garden, this is what the Loft spirit is about.


Our carpets and upholstery fabrics are in natural materials, our décor breathes, our tables go for fresh air.

Do you have the loft spirit?

How to create this style

  1. Your plates are green, graphic and contemporary
  2. Pot plants, hanging vegetable gardens, and a carpet of greenery!
  3. An old iron closet in granddad’s attic?
  4. Look for items with a “rough-and-ready” look

Next step #expert

  1. Find metal chairs, XXL glass suspensions, and workshop tables
  2. Your bedroom walls are in brick
  3. Your cat purrs in its mini-house covered in moss
  4. You’re on first-name terms with industrial

Loft spirit collections

Box mania collection

Box mania collection

Stone and factory-inspired designs.

Abacco collection

Abacco collection

Two colours with a metallic effect.

Abacco collection

Abacco collection

Cement tile effect.

Stony collection

Stony collection

Original colours with a stone-effect finish.