Stylish moments

Follow me to the chalet
of my childhood

Aim for snug

A white rug thrown over the sofa and soft lighting set the scene. The light-coloured wood of the floor, tables and accessories make it even cosier. Nothing like board games to revive the spirit of staying up late!

Quick tip

An origami craft session to make my cleverly folded paper lamp. A cosy chalet has to be earned...

Fireplace ambiance

How can I resist that “fireplace” ambiance even if I don't have one! Curled up on my sofa, mug in hand, sipping a warm drink to the sound of Miles Davis... the perfect Sunday. Tomorrow's Monday? Who cares!

Quick tip

That extra décor touch: chunky candles stuck in glass jars.

A chalet with flair

I need three smells filling the air to make me feel perfectly in the mood: cheese fondue, home-made blueberry tart, and hot chocolate. Though not necessarily all three on the same day ;-)

Quick tip

I sometimes settle for Savoi Crozet cooked in a casserole, always sensational and super easy to prepare.