Stylish moments

Elodie has three tips
for sprucing up her brunch

We’re not here to nibble

My folks have a hearty appetite. My brunch includes lots of savoury and sweet dishes. The home-made tapenade is the highlight! I keep it in glass containers. Mum brings her apricot jam: her jars never stay full for long.

Quick tip

I’ve got a collection of water and juice tumblers. Stemmed glasses at my “mobile” brunch? Much too risky!

It’s very filling, that’s for sure!

I only serve finger food, like “pam amb oli”, toasted bread rubbed with garlic and with a drizzle of olive oil. Top it with a crushed tomato and raw ham. If anyone claims they’re still hungry that evening, they must have sunstroke!

Quick tip

I always keep some extra tapenade in a serving dish. Home-made or not! Just imagine running out of it.

My trendy brunch

My dishware is decorative but not too much: the food is already bursting with colour. My marinated sweet peppers parade in asymmetrical bowls. I pour the grape juice in a classic pitcher and vintage glasses decorated jewel style. I love'em!

Quick tip

The final touch is a bunch of fresh flowers that I buy at the market. My cousins never remember to bring any! #personalmessage. I put them in a vase with metallic effects.