Stylish moments

Surprises in the making for mum

Top secret preparations

All hands are on deck the day before! To cover our tracks, we ask Stéphanie, my wife, for ideas about what we could do for Sunday. She works on Saturdays. While she's out, we get busy shopping, picking the vegetables and thinking about how best to decorate the table.

Quick tip

We arrange our vegetables in presentation pots. These might be transparent, colored or made of glass, so long as they make the table look modern and bright!

Pre-dinner snacks straight from the garden!

The children take care of that. They go and cut the first baby carrots of the season, chives and radishes. What they love most is tasting everything they come across: I keep my fingers crossed that there will be something left over. We use beautiful plates that radiate soft tones as well as decorative ramekins.

Quick tip

We chose dinnerware with pastel colors that match mom's flowers.

Everything is tasted with great care...

The menu for this special day features salt-crusted sea bass, mashed sweet potatoes and, for dessert, chocolate charlotte. The children place the ladyfingers in little jars. Licking the plates clean is a family hobby.

Quick tip

The children conjure up homemade cocktails, mixing pears, carrots, apples and cinnamon together in the most original containers...