Stylish moments

Nadejda's tips for wishing winter farewell

The karzina, my signature decoration!

Every spring, I create a karzina, a typical basket from my homeland made of bark. I fill it with flowers that infuse my terrace with a heavenly smell. It always reminds me of warm summer evenings with friends.

Quick tip

Blinis covered with salmon eggs - not caviar - are a must for every drinks party.

Guess what guests are offered to drink?

All Russians know that vodka (*) is on the way when they spot a jug and shot glasses. I add some orange juice or fresh tomato juice to my shaker and I like to serve my cocktails in robust glasses. (*) Drink with moderation

Quick tip

I let pickles marinate in vinegar. This is about as Russian as you can get!

The bliss of datchas

Russians enjoy barbecues and plates of "shashlik" (a Russian kebab) with friends from neighbouring datchas. As soon as the sun comes out, they head straight to the country to air out their little house and set to work on their vegetable gardens. Most Russians live in the city, so their datcha is their paradise.

Quick tip

I turn my home into a datcha with plants, a garden table and colourful rattan chairs!