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A Christmas Table Dressing that Looks Like You🎄✨

When the Christmas holidays are approaching, it’s time to think about the magic of decoration, the brilliance of lights and of course, the conviviality of meals shared with family and friends.

To make these moments truly unforgettable, Luminarc, the tableware brand that combines elegance and practicality, offers you to create a Christmas table setting that reflects your personal style. Dn this article, let’s dive into the art of customizing your table for sparkling festivities.


  • Find your unique theme

Start by choosing a theme that speaks to you and represents the Christmas spirit you want to create. Whether you’re drawn to traditional charm, modern sparkle or rustic chic, Luminarc offers a variety of dinnerware collections to suit all your inspirations.


  • Color as a guide

Color plays a vital role in creating a Christmas mood. If you prefer classic shades of red and green, opt for Vicky or Arty plates and glasses adorned with these iconic colors. For a more contemporary look, consider shades of blue, silver and white for a sleek and sophisticated table like the Diwali, Trianon or Pampille collections. For a Chic Christmas, opt for black crockery with our Diana or Zoé Black collection.


  • Elegant tableware, refined simplicity

Luminarc is recognized for its elegant and functional designs. Choose pieces that add a touch of elegance to your table while being practical to use. Plates with gold or silver rims bring an effortless festive touch, while intricately patterned glasses add an artistic dimension to your table.


  • Mixing styles and textures

Create a captivating visual effect by mixing different styles and textures. Combine linen tablecloths with shimmering table runners. Layer intricately patterned plates on top of charger plates for a dramatic effect. Luminarc offers a variety of options that will allow you to play with these decorative elements.


  • The Details Make the Difference

It’s the little details that turn an ordinary table into a work of art. Use stylish name tags for each guest, adorn napkins with festive ribbons, and add nature-inspired centerpieces such as pine boughs, pine cones, and candles.


  • Personalization with Accessories

To give your table a personal touch, bet on accessories that reflect your passions and your memories. Arrange special Christmas ornaments as place cards or add items to remember your past travels and adventures.


  • Magical Lighting

Don’t forget the importance of lighting to create a magical atmosphere. Arrange candles in elegant candle holders from Luminarc for a warm, festive glow. Fairy lights intertwined among the decorations add a touch of enchantment.


Ultimately, your Christmas table should be a reflection of your personality and your tastes. With Luminarc’s fine tableware and your creativity, you can create a table setting that tells a unique story and creates lasting memories for all who join your celebration. Make every meal a dazzling moment that captures the magic of the holiday season.