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A collection to have, the pure jar collection.💫

But who came up with this collection?

Léonie, product manager at luminarc.

I’m Léonie, I joined Arc three years ago and I’m product manager for storage. I look after products for both professionals and private individuals.


If I had to describe myself, here are 3 goals that determine me:

Determined: to set myself objectives, to respect schedules in order to be rigorous. To get things done, by being efficient.
Creative: always looking for a way to differentiate myself, both in the creation of products and in the way I put them forward (communication, customer presentation, animation, etc.)
Flexible/Dynamic: being adaptable on a daily basis, both in professional and personal life. Always being busy at 100km/h is my hobby! Boredom is not for me.

Why did you choose Luminarc?


Luminarc is 200 years of French know-how, with a rich glass-making heritage. It’s a brand that knows how to evolve with market trends, that is chic while being “affordable” for the general public.

My job as a product manager is to :

Managing the product portfolio, from conception to final product development and marketing. I design my ranges, draw up the product specifications, monitor its development and production, and participate in the development of sales tools and communication.

What I enjoy every day 💚:

It’s days that are not like each other! You discover, learn and are enriched on a daily basis by the skills and know-how of the employees and teams I work with. It’s a job that touches on everything! I also really enjoy the international dimension; the challenges are different and rich. My products too! Trendy products, in tune with the times, which respond to environmental issues. 🍃🍃

My favourite, the Pure Jar collection

This is a collection that is both aesthetic and practical. It will easily fit in your home to store your food or any other thing you need to store!

To find the collection, it’s here 👉👉