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How do you set a nice festive table for special occasions?

All year round there are special occasions for entertaining guests: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. A beautiful festive table is the perfect place to gather around good food and a friendly atmosphere. Fine crockery, beautiful glassware, quality table linen, get all the decoration ideas you need to dazzle your guests.


Adapt your table to the occasion

It is quite possible to use the same accessories for different parties. You can set your table with your beautiful glassware, crockery and table linen. Just change the decoration to fit the theme of the party.


Beautiful linen: napkins, table runner and tablecloth

For beautiful table linen for all special occasions, it is advisable to choose thick and soft quality materials. So choose linen or cotton napkins, table runner and tablecloth. As far as colours are concerned, choose neutral tones, in a range of white or beige.

Chic and elegant glassware

A family celebration is an opportunity to set the table with quality glassware. There are various models of jugs and decanters that are perfect for a festive table. The slender lines of stemmed glasses add a very chic touch. For water glasses, you can choose transparent glasses, which are a sure way to add elegance. If you prefer glasses with a touch of colour, you can choose from tall tumblers.

White or patterned tableware

To be able to use the same tableware for different parties, it is recommended to choose a set of white plates or plates with sober patterns. A complete set of plates consists of a dinner plate, a soup plate and a dessert plate. It is more stylish to choose the set from the same collection.

Stylish cutlery for festive tables

Festive meals are an opportunity to offer guests a finely crafted cutlery service. The cutlery collections offer a wide choice of knives, forks and spoons. They should be chosen according to the dishes served during the meal. You can choose a 3 or 4 pronged fork for fish, meat or dessert. Complete your service with a meat knife and a fish knife. Among the spoons, different sizes are available: soup spoon 18 cm, coffee or dessert spoon 14 cm.


Inspiration to change your decoration for the holidays

If you have beautiful tableware, a different decoration is enough to change the atmosphere of the festive table. It’s also the good food that makes the difference. Here are a few ideas for adapting your decoration to the theme of the party.


How to make a nice Christmas table?

For the Christmas table, we want a cocooning and festive atmosphere. Therefore, we create a decoration with accessories that give off a warm and cosy feeling. Golden candles decorate the table with elegance. The different light sources make their golden colour flicker. Other candles are placed in candle jars or candle holders to give off a soft light and illuminate the glassware. Choosing candles of different sizes is a good way to spread a warm light.

To decorate the centrepiece, you can use natural elements such as fir branches and pine cones. Christmas purists can also place some pretty baubles and figures under a snowy bell.

Setting a beautiful table for New Year’s Eve

For New Year’s Eve, you need glitter. The tablecloth is therefore sprinkled with glitter to make the dishes, cutlery and glassware shine. Champagne glasses take pride of place at the heart of the decor. They can be slender flutes. The glasses are also ready to receive a few bubbles.

Gold is a popular accessory. For the change of year, the numbers of the new year are placed in the centre of the table. These numbers are also used to make napkin rings : you can cut them out of gold paper yourself.

Festive table for family dinner

To celebrate a happy event, a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, the whole family gathers around a good meal. It can be a lunch or a dinner. The dessert is the highlight : the good homemade pie, the creamy cake with several layers, the ice cream presented in beautiful bowls. And for the pleasure of the eyes, the meal is brightened up with a top decoration.

For a nature theme, place small bunches of freshly cut flowers everywhere. Turn pretty carafes into vases to accentuate the country feel. Cups can also be turned into small succulents to add a welcome touch of green. Plant garlands, made from flowers or ivy, run along the length of the plates. They enhance the carafes and pitchers while adding a touch of freshness and lightness.

Colourful sweets are placed in pretty glass bowls. The pleasure is twofold. Firstly for the eyes, with their festive colours. Secondly, for the gourmet side: there is always room for a few sweets at the end of the meal. And if not, you can take these sweets home as a souvenir of a good time spent with your loved ones.