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Our 7 best ideas for a healthy meals to take to the office in your lunch box

Our 7 best ideas for a healthy meals to take to the office


Eating at the office can also be fun, as long as you have the right recipes. That’s why we at Luminarc have decided to present you with our 7 best ideas for meals to take to the office. Because nothing makes us happier than to see our Pure Boxes filled with tasty and balanced meals.


How to choose your meals to take to the office ?

Cold or simple meals to be reheated

For your lunch break at work, you should choose simple and easy-to-make dishes. We therefore recommend cold or microwaveable dishes. This way, you don’t have to waste time cooking the day before or in the morning, and you can enjoy your meal after only a few minutes in the oven.


Healthy and complete meals

To find the right recipes, you also need to adapt to your activity. If you work in an office and have a sedentary job, be careful not to exceed your calorie requirements. A fresh, light meal with few carbohydrates is perfectly sufficient. On the other hand, if you have a physical job, you will need energy to keep you fit throughout the day. In both cases, therefore, you need to find the right foods and recipes for your needs.

Easy to transport meals in your Luminarc lunch boxes

Finally, turn to practical recipes that can be transported in lunch boxes. With our extensive collection of Pure Boxes, you can be as creative as you like. Our durable storage boxes are suitable for all purposes. Whether it’s a salad bowl, a small box or a deep box, we have storage models for all your meals.


7 recipes for your meals to take to the office


Now we present you with our 7 must-try office meal ideas. We’ve mainly chosen fresh, balanced and, of course, delicious meals!


1. The club sandwich: the timeless classic

Even though you can find very good sandwiches in bakeries, it is better to make them yourself. It’s simple and the result is always tasty. Choose wholemeal bread, salad, cheese and the filling of your choice. Ham for the classic, tuna or salmon for a little more freshness and, of course, raw vegetables in season. Tomatoes, olives, onions, it’s up to you to create the ultimate sandwich (wrap, burger, bagel).


2. Salad: perfect for dieting

There are as many types of salads as there are ingredients to fill them. Cold pasta salad with vegetables is excellent for vegetarians. For a traditional gourmet salad, potatoes with tuna, eggs, pickles and a red onion will make a complete and robust meal for a long day at work. Finally, if you like to mix flavours, the Buddha bowl is perfect. Simply prepare it straight from one of our durable round glass boxes.

3. Pies, quiches, pizzas: the dough in all its states

Pastry dishes are perfect because, as well as being very nutritious (and tasty), they are very easy to transport in your lunch box and to heat up in the microwave. Quiche lorraine, onion tart, cheese or ham pizza, vary the pleasures without any complex. Of course, as this type of preparation takes more time, we advise you to make a little more to have leftovers for the evening or for another meal the next day.


4. Cheese gratin: for a hearty meal

Gratin is a delicious dish, which is also very easy to store, transport and reheat in a lunch box. It is also a very complete and rich meal, particularly suitable if you have a physical job. As for the flavours, it’s up to you to create the combinations of ingredients you prefer. Between the choice of cheese (cow, goat, sheep) and the choice of filling (potato, onion, cauliflower, spinach…), you are bound to find ingredients for a healthy and delicious gratin.


5. Pasta with pesto and chicken : balanced and tasty

Pasta is a staple in the canteen at work. Like salads, pasta dishes can be made in a variety of delicious forms. Our favourite? The traditional pasta dish with chicken and homemade pesto with a light drizzle of olive oil.


6. The Dahl : for a meal with the flavours of the Orient

If you like Indian food (and we understand you!), Dahl is certainly the Indian dish that lends itself best to an office lunch. It’s quick and easy to prepare, about 35 minutes in total, and can be stored for 4 or 5 days. We recommend Dahl with coral lentils and coconut milk. It is a delicate and tasty dish that will give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. For spice, a little coriander will do the trick.


7. What about dessert ?

If you sometimes feel like a little sweet treat after your meal, we also present some ideas for desserts to take to the office. If you like cakes, fruit muffins, cookies and brownies are easy to make, easy to transport and easy to share with colleagues. If you prefer yoghurt and cream desserts, tiramisu is a must, as is panna cotta with its delicious fruit coulis.