By bereniceh
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The summer collection: Summer Pop🧡💛💙💜

With Summer Pop, dare to use colour to brighten up all your moments!

Karine, Designer for Luminarc

“Hello, I’m Karine!

I’m an Industrial Designer at Arc.

I co-create the brand’s collections with the design team, so none of the collections are conceived and produced alone. It’s a real team effort!

If I had to describe myself, I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, but rather as someone who develops a way of thinking or a state of mind. That’s why I love this job: you develop your ideas and the ideas are always coming.

Researching trends

The first step before creating a new project is to analyse the need. This is where we find out what the project is going to be used for, scenarios of use and discover and find solutions to problems encountered with similar products. In short, it’s an analysis centred on the end user.

This research into trends is collective and collaborative, with exchanges between designers, R&D and product managers.

I particularly like the cross-disciplinary approach, because you’re always stronger when you’re working with others, which gives the product design greater strength and relevance.

These exchanges with the various collaborators will enable us to analyse the market using social networks and to obtain commercial feedback to guide us and improve our product.

This will be followed by the creation of a moodboard, our way of looking at a project in its functional, technical and emotional dimensions. The moodboard will enable us to create a montage of different graphic elements that compiles all our sources of inspiration. It will allow us to develop our creative ideas but also to clarify them.


The moodboard

Here’s a presentation of the moodboard that helped me create the Summer Pop glasses:


In this moodboard, I haven’t used any illustrations, just an exalted, sparkling frosted effect. The essential ingredients for a picnic by the pool !

“In this Summer pop collection, I’ve electrified the everyday!”

Summer Pop is THE collection to have for your summer!