• My dazzling dinner

    I love hosting dinners at my place. It’s much more fun than meeting at a restaurant

    Adeline, 36 years old, Head of Communications, likes it when guests serve themselves again.
  • Back from shopping

    Between my 40m2 flat in Paris and the province where I work, I have to be really organised. I don’t have much time to shop for groceries.

    Anwesha, age 30, lives in Paris
  • Family Brunch

    For my family brunch, I have my own idea of the perfect spread: dessert plates, sturdy glasses, and everyone can eat standing around or curled up on my futons.

    Elodie, 29, loves inviting the whole family over

Designer & Collections

  • Bulla

    I designed a plate that brings out the sparkle of the glass using my imagination and what I think the great North must look like. Marine, Product Stylist

  • Unisson

    I designed Unisson with the idea to reduce the clutter in your kitchen cupboard, which is a real problem in our day! Gabrielle, Designer

  • Acrobate

    My challenge? To get rid of the image of a glass that is “stackable, technical, and… boring!” It’s a handy glass, true, but I also wanted to make it attractive and fun. Gregory, Designer

  • Conserve-moi

    The quirky idea of drinking from a jar was inspired by tin cans and using common products in a less ordinary way!, that’s what I liked about it. Lucie, Designer

  • Nest & Store

    Nest & Store was a team effort with our industrial and marketing experts. I designed these storage containers with all the qualities for an ideal everyday product. Raphaëlle, Designer

Feel creative spirit

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