Inspired Trends

Mix & Match

Combine colours, patterns and materials with flair!

Decoding by Marine, interior designer

Walls are adorned with a palette of intense colours, curtains pop with graphic, ethnic and tropical patterns, a metal table sits alongside mismatched chairs and a lime green velvet sofa. Boldness is the key to any successful mix & match décor! Styles, materials, prints and colours are effortlessly combined to create a warm and charming atmosphere.

Colour block

Large blocks or little touches, dare to mix bright colours to inject life into a plain interior.


Create an upbeat patchwork with a chair dressed in wax fabric, coloured vases and cushions in a variety of designs.

Feel good

The best colours are those that suit you, so choose a radiant and fun colour palette.

Canary yellow

Yes, yes, yes to flashy, tangy yellow that highlights the décor like a Stabilo pen.

Cyan blue

Brave a rich, intense colour to add depth. Blue comes in a variety of shades: turquoise, cobalt, indigo…

Blood orange

Both gentle and lively, this colour instantly gives a room some oomph and personality.


Graphic, colourful lines, abstract patterns, tribal shapes… It’s all about letting your creativity run wild.


Terrazzo and tangy, the winning combination! We love the authenticity of this vintage yet fabulously trendy material.


Lush or graphic, on a plate or a panoramic wallpaper? With plant prints, your getaway is guaranteed.

Mix & match... & you?

Your first foray into style

  • 1Prints or colours? Why not both?
  • 2Show off all your travel souvenirs
  • 3Goodbye black, see life in technicolor
  • 4Fusion cooking lessons for you!

Next level #expert

  • 1The colour wheel holds no secrets!
  • 2Too much is never enough
  • 3Free-spirited, that’s you!
  • 4Rules are made to be broken

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