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Finally a trend that motivates us to look towards the future!

The vision of product designer Gabrielle

With the Néo trend, we project ourselves into the near future. A future where technology, both omnipresent and invisible, simply makes our lives easier without monopolising us. A tranquil, harmonious future that optimists and dreamers can already see coming.


We let go of ostentatious reflexes to focus on utility and beauty


New technologies help us filter all pollution: atmospheric, visual, noise…


In this calm environment, our senses turn away from the superfluous and our souls open


Powerful and dazzling, white stands out everywhere. No need to entertain the idea of patterns


To soften this omnipresent white, go for the grey silk. An elegant, gentle and relaxing shade


Use in small doses such as on a cushion, a frame or a ceiling light to generate contrasts


Angles and edges are abandoned in favour of curves that evoke the meandering of a river and nature in general


Large sections open up the space and bring in light. A glass with surprising abilities: self-cleaning, photochromic, photovoltaic…


In the future, we will always enjoy stepping barefoot on a beautiful raw wooden floor !

Top start for the future!

Your first steps in style

  • 1In "Do not disturb" mode
  • 2Challenge: a dinner with just friends, no phones
  • 3Ignore those cringey floral patterns
  • 4Your fridge does your shopping online

Next step #expert

  • 1Colours ? So 2018 !
  • 2Your favourite outfit: a white dress
  • 3Finally find a name for your virtual assistant
  • 4 Practice teleportation

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