Stylish Moments

Healthy, tasty and organic!

When it comes to my diet, I have certain principles: I only eat fresh, seasonal produce. Digging, planting, harvesting; I love to get my hands dirty and reconnect with nature.

Jeanne, 41 years old, organic addict

Jeanne’s secrets to achieving a healthy, balanced diet

Eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is easy! And when it’s tasty, we even want seconds!

Locavore and proud of it

My vegetable garden is my haven! It’s where I plant my favourite fruit and vegetables, nurturing them until they are ripe. I have long banned chemicals. It is wonderful to have fresh, healthy produce every day!

Quick tip I plant nasturtiums to lure aphids away from my courgettes. Growing without pesticides is a question of common sense!

Eating real food

Gardening helps me rediscover the true taste of food. I love cooking for my family and friends. I have introduced them to long-forgotten vegetables like orache, also called “Love Cabbage” by some gardeners. With a name like that, how can it be anything but delicious?

Quick tip My little moment of pleasure in the morning is when I slip on my boots to go out and cut some fresh mint, still speckled with dew, to add to my tea.

Happy seedlings

My children love vegetables! To make them even more mouth-watering, I decorate the table with fun, bright colours for a fresh, festive atmosphere. For dessert, I serve fruit in coloured bowls. They eat them like sweets!

Quick tip When I have a plentiful harvest, I freeze some of my produce and cook it throughout the year.