Stylish Moments

Pool party reunion

All set to celebrate: straw hats, boules, coloured inflatables, summer playlist and vibrant décor… feet in the water, glass in hand, simply enjoying being together again.

Flavie, 30 years old, part Capricorn part mermaid

Flavie’s ideas will make everything go swimmingly

No more virtual drinks! A pool party? Just what I need to get together with friends in real life.


Fish, meat, vegetables… everything goes on the barbecue! I’ve got salad, tabbouleh, fruit skewers and sweets in pretty coloured bowls around the pool so everyone can nibble to their heart’s content!

Quick tip I put fresh fruit and mint leaves in my ice cube tray. The perfect way to subtly flavour drinks!

Like ducks to water

My brother and nephews join us! Tom and Léo bring their swimming trunks and hold a diving contest. They climb out of the water, famished. I get them a couple of ice cream sundaes… “best auntie ever”!

Quick tip Healthier than fizzy drinks and syrups, I serve them water flavoured with citrus and raspberries from the garden. They just love them!

Cocktails galore!

Louis concocts his speciality: margaritas! Shaker in hand and shades on, he looks just like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. What a giggle! And for me, a red fruit virgin mojito as I don’t drink alcohol.

Quick tip So we can sip our drinks without getting out of the water, I’ve bought some floating glass holders. These mini-inflatables keep our cocktails nice and cool!