• Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is marked with passion red in my diary. I’m taking the evening off for a special moment with my sweetheart.

    Ingrid, age 35, married, 2 children
  • Tonight, we party

    My friends and I text nonstop, but every once in a while we like to meet up IRL

    Mathilde, 24 years old, cupcake master chef
  • Family Brunch

    For my family brunch, I have my own idea of the perfect spread: dessert plates, solid glasses, and everyone eats standing around or curled up on my futons.

    Elodie, 29, loves inviting the whole family over

Designer & Collections

  • Smart Cuisine

    Smart Cuisine is uniquely light, extra–resistant Smart Cuisine from kitchen to table with ease.
    A short but complete oven dish range in terms of size, shape and usage. Family size to individual portions from roasting to baking, 5 dishes for different occasions

    Gregory, Designer

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