• Beside the fire

    I love that warm, cozy, mountain chalet atmosphere and I’ve reproduced it in my apartment…

    Claire, age 26, loves snow and the mountains
  • The holiday season

    The family is eager to gather around beautifully-decorated tables with loved ones, and to exchange gifts… and rightly so, wouldn’t you agree?

    Gwen, married, 2 children
  • A family at the start of term

    The alarm clock sounds again, ringing in the new school year. At Véronique’s home, the family routine is set in motion.

    Véronique, 33, married, mother of 2

Designer & Collections

  • Bulla

    I designed a plate that brings out the sparkle of the glass using my imagination and what I think the great North must look like.Marine, Product Stylist

  • Unisson

    I designed Unisson with the idea to reduce the clutter in your kitchen cupboard, which is a real problem in our day!Gabrielle, Designer

Feel creative spirit

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