• Back from shopping

    Between my 400 sq. ft apartment in Paris and the province where I work, I have to be really organized. I don’t have much time to shop for groceries…

    Anwesha, age 30, lives in Paris
  • A barbecue… on a catamaran!

    Randhir was practically born on a boat. So, whenever he’s back home, in Mauritius, he sets sail.

    Randhir, 43, lights the fire
  • Spring is back

    I spent the first 25 years of my life in Karelia, a region of Russia on the border with Finland. I am passionate about light…

    Nadejda, age 36, mother of two daughters

Designer & Collections

  • Smart Cuisine Carine

    Smart Cuisine is uniquely light, extra–resistant Smart Cuisine from kitchen to table with ease.
    A short but complete oven dish range in terms of size, shape and usage. Family size to individual portions from roasting to baking, 5 dishes for different occasions

    Gregory, Designer

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