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Back to basics

The program: reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones!

Product stylist Elodie's point of view

What if winter, despite the cold, despite the lack of light, became your favourite season?
What if it left your body stronger, your mind more energised?
Slip into the Back to Basics mood and you’ll see it’s possible.
What if, despite the cold and lack of light, winter became your favorite season?
What if it left your body stronger and your mind more energized?
Slip into the Back to Basics mood and you’ll see that this is possible.
So what is this trend about?
Getting back to the well-being essentials to boost your energy.


Focus on those closest to you: your companion, family, and closest friends.


Twelve hours of sleep a night, a hot bath, a mimosa bouquet… You know what makes you feel good, so indulge yourself!


This is a time for moderation, so take a break from sophisticated things and separate the essential from the superfluous.
So, vegetable soup or Tournedos Rossini?


Use this vibrant color to draw attention and create a unique atmosphere.


Eggshell, buff, peach… Prefer the softest shades.
The objective is to lighten and tone down the strength of the burgundy.


Beige is irresistible because of its enveloping warmth.
On large surfaces, such as walls, curtains or household linen, beige may be used to transform your interior without a drastic change.

Wool in all its forms

Flannel, serge, tartan, pinchina, cashmere… Warm, beautiful fabrics may be used without moderation.

Flour, eggs...

Try to replace processed foods with homemade dishes!
Consider baked vegetables, quiche, soup, and other options.

Diamond shapes

This harmonious shape, which symbolizes protection and fertility, is popping up everywhere: on the embroidery of a cushion, on your new kitchen’s credenza, or on the knit of your Jacquard sweater!

Ready to get back to the basics?

The first steps of the approach

  • 1Politely decline that dinner invitation from your tennis partner's cousin
  • 2Ban the use of phones during family meals
  • 3Swap your video game console for a burgundy footrest
  • 4Get cozy with homemade jam or spread!

Move on to the #expert stage

  • 1Charentais slippers or high-heeled mules?
  • 2Test out the benefits of the siesta... at the office!
  • 3Go to bed at sunset
  • 4 Prepare a broth that all your colleagues will want to try