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Color your life

Embrace the yellows, blues and reds of the 50s and 60s to create a vibrant lifestyle!

Such is the vision of Julien, a professional photographer

Neutral wallpaper sets the scene for vibrant colors from these two decades, which today have many passionate followers. Something to put you in a good mood every day! Cult Baumann chairs, mismatched armchairs with fake sheepskin that makes you just want to curl up, a metal mushroom lamp… so many colors and iconic objects are featured in this album that we enjoy flipping through with curiosity.


The flea market feeling reigns supreme in each room with intentional boldness: mismatching styles. Mixing styles is a fashionable way to express one’s personality


Enameled plaques are bringing back the colorful, outdated advertisements of shop signs that flourished in the past


Compass-leg chairs in a nod to historic architectural greats

Pastel blue

Impossible to recreate the sixties without something in pastel blue, typical of the Vespas and Fiats that would speed around street corners.

Sepia, of course

Putting together a mural of polaroids in faded colors, depicting their quirky atmospheres. These instant photos date back to a time when photos ended up on paper.


The hues of green from hanging plants shape the wave of bright colors #coloryourlife


“Formica is fabulous!” as the jingle goes. This laminate surfacing is making a strong comeback in our kitchens. Practical, vintage and in a range of colors: we give it two thumbs up.


Colorful weaved straw and wicker are a huge success. What are you waiting for?


Put an old Moulinex mixer on top of the Singer sewing machine that you found at grandma’s and you’ve got a great new ornament. We are living in an era of cohabitation, so have fun combining yellow or pastel blue furniture.

Are you ready for color?

The big no-nos of style

  • 1 Don’t daub your interiors with splashes of paint, carefully adorn them with color!
  • 2Mix multicolored plates and glasses
  • 3Always save a space for something natural
  • 4The secret is sitting in your grandparents’ attic

Next step #expert

  • 1Blend bright colors, cameo glass and wicker
  • 2Goodbye monotony, think color block
  • 3Glasses, blanket, sofa… Make it your happy place!
  • 4A flashy red vase on a Formica coffee table?

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