Inspired Trends


A break that promotes well-being and heightens the senses. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The soft murmur of Marine, product stylist

Forget your worries for a moment and imagine that you’re in a parallel universe. In this cocoon-like place, everything; words, thoughts, sounds and colours, is soft and silky. It’s both intoxicating and soothing at the same time. Can you see it? You’re beginning to see the magic of Romance. You can’t really explain it, you have to feel it.


A light breeze, a subtle perfume, a familiar melody… All that surrounds you is comforting and promotes well-being.

Dream or reality?

Who cares! You feel good and that’s all that matters.


In this tranquil cocoon, your senses are awakened and refined. Everything feels more beautiful, more delicate and more harmonious.


A strong grey that changes like clouds over the ocean.


A tender, bright pink on our walls, our furniture and our clothes.


A vivid or emerald green preferably, in understated touches here and there.


A pattern that can be explored endlessly. Drawings, fabrics, posters, etc. To be honest, a bouquet doesn’t need flowers to be beautiful!


The hallmark material for this trend. Cushions, sofas, curtains — we love it all!

Frosted glass, net curtains, etc.

Anything that plays with the light, being suggestive but not revealing too much.

Is Romance in the air?

Your first steps to get the style

  • 1Smile, you feel great
  • 2Forget the routine, stress and gloom
  • 3Where are your velvet cushions?
  • 4Give yourself a compliment every day

Next step #EXPERT

  • 1Find another compliment to give. Who will you give it to?
  • 2Cultivate your own mystery
  • 3Where is your velvet sofa?
  • 4Paint a watercolour sunset