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Slow life

A call to slow down, focus on what matters…and ditch your smartphone!

Industrial designer Gregory explains

The Slow Life is more than a trend. It’s an art, a way of life that cultivates tranquillity, simplicity and conviviality. Without screens, the senses reawaken: we notice the intermingling flavors in a dish, we let the soothing sounds of our loved ones’ speech wash over us, we let our gaze linger on a bouquet of wildflowers. The break does a body good, so why not extend it?


Even better than a digital detox, the Slow Life takes you back to a time before the Internet, social media or smartphones existed.


Prepare a meal, go for a walk, play cards… Indulge in these simple pleasures to your heart’s content, without keeping one eye glued to the clock. It’s the ultimate luxury.


Need a recipe for a favorite dish? With Google out of the picture, turn to your friends or family members for help. And afterward, you might even remember the recipe!


Like the many shades of the natural world. By turns bright as a green shoot, light as a flowing creek and deep as an ancient forest.


A sharp, bright white all over, to create spaciousness and soothe the soul.


A dusty rose that gives way to deep plum. It shows up as subtle accents in the pattern of a shabby rug or in a glass or hibiscus juice.


Without technology to occupy our time, we can give wildflowers and weeds the attention they deserve. In bouquets, in pots, even on plates—they’re everywhere you turn!

Wool, cotton, linen

Wrap yourself in simple yet elegant softness with these noble fabrics.


This is THE predominant material in Slow Life design. Opt for very rustic or worn. It brings in a natural element, of course, but also a feeling of family.

Are you ready to slow down?

First steps into the Slow Life

  • 1Lose your phone
  • 2Forget to look for it
  • 3Never skip your afternoon nap
  • 4Do not crack under any circumstances except to post pics of your herb garden on Instagram

Next level #expert

  • 1Drown your phone
  • 2Now guess who made this life-giving strawberry jam? You did, my friend!
  • 3 Make sure everyone is wearing a crown of wildflowers at all times
  • 4 Final step: get the whole family together for a meal and keep your chill throughout

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