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Urban Couture

A blend of sophistication, boldness and fun – what more could you ask for?

Stylist Beatrice's tips

You’re funny. You’re friendly. You’re stylish. In other words, you’ve got everything going for you.
Why not show off your killer personality? This is what the Urban Couture trend is encouraging you to do. Goodbye quiet lifestyle, sayonara simplicity—take every opportunity to shine!


Collect precious memories from your holidays, uniquely-shaped mirrors, lamps, vases, frames, etc. and put them on display!


Don’t wait for an excuse to invite friends and family over to have a good time.
P.S. Silence that little voice in your head that is telling you to be sensible!


Urban Couture is a mark of sophistication. Flats or heels? Blouse or T-shirt? Dinner in front of the TV or at the table? Don’t even hesitate.


Ceiling lights, chair legs, trays… Adorn your home with little touches of gold to capture light and draw attention.

Slate gray

Covering large sections, on a wall or on a rug for example. Aim: to create a mysterious and cozy atmosphere.

Navy blue, peacock blue, cobalt blue, fir green, etc.

Let yourself be captivated by these shades of deep and intense blue and green.

Poplar leaves

An elegant, stylish, Art deco-inspired motif to decorate wall paper, household textiles or tableware.


Duvet, feathers, foam, fleece… Let these soft and generous materials take center stage in your home.


Good news: it’s time to get your silver out! Metal objects, whether chrome-plated, brushed or rusted—are all the rage.

Release your Urban Couture edge

Your first steps in style

  • 1Ornaments are pretty
  • 2Your guests should never want to leave
  • 3There is a before and after to any party
  • 4Have faith in your taste

Next step #expert

  • 1Your walls are more decorated than the Louvre
  • 2Learn to appreciate opera music
  • 3Welcome your friends in your boudoir
  • 4You’re a gem

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