Stylish Moments

A barbecue… on a catamaran!

Randhir was practically born on a boat. So, whenever he’s back home, in Mauritius, he sets sail. Randhir, 43, lights the fire

There’s no softer sound than the wind blowing in the sails… and the sizzling of sausages over the grill!

The perfect sea trip according to Randhir

Aye aye, captain!

Preparing the meal, tidying up, cleaning the boat – all of the chores are dispatched among the crew before leaving the port. If there are any arguments, I get the final say! This means that once we’re at sea, everyone knows what they’re doing. It’s much nicer that way.

Quick tip I spend my time preparing the coals for the barbecue. OK, it's annoying to have to stay on-board while the others swim and sunbathe on the beach, but at least there's no one to bother me!

That's a wrap

The grilled meat is served with a large rice salad and a hearty potato salad (the sea makes you hungry!), both prepared the day before. The dishes we use to serve them have lids, which is useful for transport and storage. Clever, isn’t it?

Quick tip A garlic, thyme and soy sauce marinade. First of all, it gives a unique taste to the meat and fish. Second, it sparks conversation!

Careful of the waves

Once everything’s ready, the food is placed in the centre of the large square table, as if for a banquet! Our plates and glasses are super resistant and easy to tidy away. That way, even when it’s choppy, you can still have a pleasant lunch.

Quick tip Plastic crockery is forbidden on-board. Priority is given to non-polluting materials. When you love the sea and nature, you can't imagine doing otherwise.