Stylish Moments

A cocktail or nothing at all

You don’t need to be a barman to try your hand. Tonight is cocktail night at my place!

Vincent, 27, product manager and taste explorer

Vincent could just put a good bottle of champagne in the fridge before his parents come over for dinner and serve beer or rosé to his friends, but he’s not one for doing things the easy way. His secret weapon? Cocktails.

Vincent is a laid-back, amateur mixologist

God save the Mojito

Caïpirinha, Margarita, Sangria… I love all these cocktails but my favorite is definitely the Mojito. Nothing beats the delicious blend of mint leaves, lime wedges, ice cubes and bubbles that come together like ordered chaos in a tall glass.

Quick tip At my house-warming party, I got the mint, lime and cane syrup ready before guests arrived, and just added the rum and Perrier at the last minute.

A touch of hospitality

Cocktails can be tailored to any situation. For example, if I have friends over who don’t drink alcohol, I can make them the mocktail version of my legendary Cosmo. It’s more fun than just offering them sparkling water or a soda.

Quick tip What is the best way to get to know a new liqueur or an original ingredient? Simply mix it into a cocktail. If you get the right balance, that drink will disappear in no time.

Checked luggage

When I travel, I also try out local alcohols and taste new cocktails. When I get home, I try to reproduce these exotic cocktails myself. My guests sometimes look surprised…

Quick tip To give them an even greater taste of the foreign culture, I serve my cocktails with crackers that I've brought back from my vacation.