Stylish Moments

A family at the start of term

The alarm clock sounds again, ringing in the new school year. At Véronique’s home, the family routine is set in motion.

Véronique, 33, married, mother of 2

Véronique, 33, married and mother of two, combines her job as a legal advisor with her passion for decorating. The daughter of an interior designer, she has some tricks up her sleeve to help her days run smoothly.

Tips from a mum with everything under control

When time is ticking, you need to think practically.

With work, school runs, grocery shopping and homework, days fly by when you’re a parent. Your dinnerware needs to be adapted to your busy timetable: thank goodness for airtight, solid salad bowls, stackable plates and resistant dishes.

Quick tip Sunday cooking

Cookies and compote

Planning ahead: Véronique and her husband dedicate some of their Sundays to preparing the children’s break-time snacks so that they are all ready for the week. The children love their homemade cookies and compote. The same goes for organic and balanced dishes, like vegetable soup.

Quick tip As a Sunday treat, they can eat their afternoon snack with their fingers, straight out of the salad bowl!

Decorations for children

Setting the table and reaching for your glass without help are examples of tasks that improve children’s autonomy, which is very important to Véronique, who buys attractive glasses that are easy to hold, and decorated, solid plates.

Quick tip It's more fun when helping out is presented like a game!