Stylish Moments

A moment to myself

Exercise should always be followed by relaxation and comfort

Julie, 22, a hot chocolate fiend

You’d be lucky to spot Julie! This bundle of energy is always on the move. When her colleagues head home after a long day in the office, Julie dashes off to the riding school for nearly two hours of training. On the weekend, she takes her loyal charger Caldaro to show jumping events.

Julie’s relaxation standards

All by myself

In winter, when the events are over, my aching muscles and frozen brain need a rest. I only start to feel human again after a long hot bath, a nap and a good movie. Only my dog (my four-legged hot water bottle) is allowed to join me on the couch.

Quick tip My brain switches off but I NEVER forget to put my phone on airplane mode.

Back to childhood

To rehydrate, I drink two or sometimes even three large bowls of hot chocolate. And to appease my groggy brain, I watch Christmas movies and cartoons. The cuter and friendlier the characters, the better!

Quick tip I use real chocolate and a little vanilla-flavored sugar to make my hot chocolate #bestrecipeintheworld.

Hello calories !

And to make sure I get my sugar levels up again, I treat myself to a little snack. It might be sweets, biscuits, a bar of chocolate… anything will do the trick. But nothing beats my mom’s home-made shortbread cookies.

Quick tip She often gives me tins full of them because she knows that in moments like these, I could eat a horse!