Stylish Moments

Family Brunch

For my family brunch, I have my own idea of the perfect spread: dessert plates, solid glasses, and everyone eats standing around or curled up on my futons.
Elodie, 29, loves inviting the whole family over

Elodie, 29, is a bubbly redhead with a spot of nostalgia for the south where she was born. She likes to get her parents, brothers, sisters and cousins together for her brunches filled with sunny flavors.

Elodie has three tips for sprucing up her brunch

We’re not here to nibble

My folks have a hearty appetite My brunch includes lots of savory and sweet dishes. The home-made tapenade is the highlight! I keep it in glass containers. Mom brings her apricot jam: her jars never stay full for long.

Quick tip I’ve got a collection of water and juice tumblers. Stemmed glasses at my “mobile” brunch? Much too risky!

It’s very filling, that’s for sure!

I only serve finger food, like “pam amb oli”, toasted bread rubbed with garlic and with a drizzle of olive oil. Top it with a crushed tomato and raw ham. If anyone claims they’re still hungry that evening, they must have sunstroke!

Quick tip I always keep some extra tapenade in a serving dish. Home-made or not! Just imagine not having enough.

My trendy brunch

My dish ware is decorative but not too much: the food is already bursting with color. My marinated sweet peppers parade in asymmetrical bowls. I pour the grape juice in a classic pitcher and vintage glasses decorated jewel style. I love ’em!

Quick tip The final touch is a bunch of fresh flowers that I buy at the market. My cousins never remember to bring any! #personalmessage. I put them in a vase with metallic effects.