Stylish Moments

Home-made Halloween

A more-than-welcome dose of laughter (and sugar) before winter

Juliette, 29, beetroot artist

Between Juliette and Henri (Juliette’s three-year-old nephew), it’s tough to say who gets more excited during Halloween season. One thing’s for sure, though—nothing can keep Juliette’s creative juices from flowing or keep her from amazing her little hobgoblin.

Juliette's (helpful) tricks for an enchanting Halloween

Beetroot jack-o-lanterns

Cutting into, emptying and carving a Halloween pumpkin is hard work, so I only do one. For the rest of my ‘house of horror’ decorations, I use … sugar beets. They’re easier to cut and are locally grown (I live in the Nord region). And they are just as scary!

Quick tip To make sure the ambiance is just right, I put little candles all over the house. These also provide the perfect lighting for my nephew's garlands.

Trick or treat? Treat of course!

Henri and his friends are very persuasive. Every year they manage to collect mountains of treats, but to carry them, a normal treat bag just doesn’t cut it; they need a wheelbarrow!

Quick tip I snag a large amount of this loot and hide it as best I can in jars. Be gone, tummy aches!

Kids and grown-ups love it so

While kids are off trick-or-treating, the grown-ups also go on a trip around the houses. We get together to chat and drink hot chocolate or mulled wine. The whole village gets involved—it’s really fun!

Quick tip My raisin bread pudding always goes over well. I have a great recipe! My pumpkin-shaped cake mold is also pretty magical.