Stylish Moments

Game night

Game nights at my house are always on point. My buddies come over and we get pretty rowdy. It’s a wonder the police don’t show up !

William, 35, Philadelphia Eagles super fan

William loves football. He spends much of his free time coaching teenagers. At heart, he’s an Eagles fan. He loves having his buddies over to root for his team. LET’S GO !

The atmosphere at William's place is even more electric than at the stadium !

The rules of the game

Game night at my house is no joke. Team jersey required for entry. Before kick-off, we all put a couple bucks on who we would like to win the game, just to keep things interesting. Then we yell at the TV until the final whistle blows. Good thing I don’t have neighbors!

Quick tip My living room layout is perfect: each team has its own couch.

Home-made appetizer 1, Chips 0

We take turns bringing a home-made appetizer: guacamole, bean dip, bacon-wrapped shrimp –you get the idea. We were all pretty over the basic bowl of chips. At halftime, that’s when the real eating begins: pizza delivery!

Quick tip I am the defending champion when it comes to appetizers, with my famous pigs in a blanket.

Football fans love a cold one

We love our beer, so game night is a chance to try out new brews. I always bring a local craft selection. Of course, on weeknights, the only thing we’re chugging is soda.

Quick tip When the game is over, the loser has to wash the beer glasses.