Stylish Moments

My dazzling dinner

I love hosting dinners at my place. It’s much more fun than meeting at a restaurant Adeline, 36 years old, Head of Communications, likes it when guests serve themselves again.

Whether she’s invited her friends and their kids, her husband’s buddies or her mother-in-law, Adeline wants dinner at her house to be a memorable experience, so every detail matters. Over time, she has honed her approach and learned to stay organized for maximum effect with minimal effort

Confessions of a not-so-desperate housewife

Project-management mode

Breakfast means it’s time to huddle with family and select a menu. At noon, I hit the market to stock up on the best seasonal produce. At 6 p.m., we get cooking. I delegate the boring tasks (chopping vegetables and the like) to my husband, Eric, while I keep an eye on the stove. The kids are in charge of appetizers. By 8 p.m., dinner is on the table.

Quick tip Once the guests arrive, I hang up my apron. After that, all I want to do is enjoy their company.

Let's eat!

It might seem somewhat old-fashioned, but I just love a beautiful table setting. I use simple white plates, wine-tasting glasses and colored water glasses to punch things up a bit. The napkins are where I really go nuts: they are all different prints, very eye-catching.

Quick tip A bouquet of just one type of flower, like tulips or peonies, makes a nice centerpiece.

Optical illusion

Seen from afar, my cakes appear to be nothing out of the ordinary. But they each have something special. What are my specialties? One is chocolate fondant dessert–but it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and made with zucchini! I serve it family style and slice it at the table. It brings back childhood memories.

Quick tip And I trick my kids into eating more vegetables!