Stylish Moments

Tonight, we party

My friends and I text nonstop, but every once in a while we like to meet up IRL
Mathilde, 24 years old, cupcake master chef

Is it true that working stiffs party less? “NO WAY !” says Mathilde. Whenever she can, this young product manager invites over her college buddies, softball teammates, their plus ones—the more, the merrier !

Mathilde's pro tips for throwing the perfect party

Something to tickle the taste buds

One of my friends adores white wine. Every time she comes over she has us taste a new vintage (or at least she tries to). We know nothing about wine, but that doesn’t stop us from pretending. We crack each other up going on about tannins and bouquets.

Quick tip This is no time for plastic cups. Tastings call for balloon glasses. Everyone gets one glass for the night (I use stickers to tell whose is whose), otherwise I'd be running the dishwasher all night.

I'll handle dessert

Whether I have 8, 15 or 30 guests, I always prepare the dessert myself. I want my cakes to be memorable, so I go all out. My cupcakes, for example, are always very colorful and sophisticated. For a great presentation, I arrange them on a tiered stand. For Halloween, I even made a carrot cake in the shape of a brain.

Quick tip I always bake my cakes the night before. That way, if they don't come out, I have time to bake more. OK, I admit it, I'm a bit OCD.


4 stemmed glass 40 cl – 13 1/2 oz.
4 flutes 17 cl – 5 3/4 oz.
8 foot
8 matching Connectcolor®
1 cleaning basket with its storage lid


My parties are all themed—the last one was “Mardi Gras in New Orleans”—and everything is planned to match, including the décor, the playlist and the menu. I always get inspired on my trips. I’m off to Dublin soon…I’m sure to come back full of ideas !

Quick tip I post my most gorgeous creations on Instagram and Pinterest. Why shouldn't everyone have a chance to enjoy them ?