Stylish Moments

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is marked with passion red in my diary. I’m taking the evening off for a special moment with my sweetheart.
Ingrid, age 35, married, 2 children

Ingrid, age 35, super heroine of everyday life who juggles her time to perfection between husband, two kids, a creative job and a devouring passion for interior decoration.

Girls secret ways to say I love you

Glass, linen and red for #love

My pair of fine, transparent glass plates on a linen table cloth adds a romantic touch to the evening’s table. A trendy candle holder and paper napkins with a discreet red motif liven up my decor.

Quick tip I'm not a fan of traditional bouquets. I like to place large rustic flowers in a decanter. Stylish, right? ☺

I hate the cookie-cutter look!

Elegant, contemporary stemmed glasses or simple, vintage ones? I’m going for the fifties style. I hate that cookie-cutter look: I like to mix modern and retro. And I can’t stand place mats… Ugh!

Quick tip I’m keeping my pretty stemmed glasses for a tiramisu-style dessert: a super trendy presentation.

Tournedos Rossini for ever

Slaving away for hours behind the stove is not my thing. I get quality products from the butcher and the local farm. Tournedos Rossini with boiled new potatoes, and we’re ready for action!

Quick tip For dessert, I’ve chosen “finger mezze” with small cakes that I’m cutting in quarters.