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Favorite collection … Arty Candies💫

The Arty Candies collection, a colourful collection!

Marine, designer for Luminarc

Hi, I’m Marine!

I have been working at Arc international for almost 12 years. I help design innovative product ranges in response to the needs of our consumers, as part of a team of creative people of all kinds.

As a child, I used to transfer the postcards I received for birthdays, St Catherine’s Day and other events. Any occasion is for me a pretext to draw and scribble in a notebook or on a corner of the table.

Arty Candies
Why did you choose this job?

My training in stained glass some fifteen years ago led me to adopt a creative approach based on colour, transparency and the superimposition of images.

I particularly appreciate the possibilities that glass offers from a technical and stylistic point of view, the creation of patterns and the association of colours are multiplied by the infinite characteristics of this material.

The work we do in terms of researching inspiration, styles, graphic identities and atmospheres leads us to define trends in line with the evolution of society and the life styles that characterise it.

Which trend will you talk about today?

I’m excited to talk to you today about the Audacious trend.
It’s a real ode to good humour!




It will spread a wave of light and sparkle with summer colours on your dining table…
If you’re a fan of dullness, don’t bother!
In my opinion, the most representative and up-to-date range of this trend is Arty Candies.

Arty Candies will bring a touch of joy and originality to all your tables!

It’s up to you! With its playful graphics, superimpose patches of colour, combine shades, create vibrant tones, according to your desires. The transparency of the glass creates a fresh and dynamic “bubble” effect. Arty Candies is available in two versions: Bubble in blue shades for a modern and refined effect and Sweet in warm shades for a luminous and simple effect.

A wind of freedom and creativity blows on the table.

To find the collection, it’s here 👉👉