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A French brand

Founded in Arques in 1948, Luminarc is now one of the world’s leading tableware brands.

It spreads its French style across borders in nearly 160 countries, with 400 million glassware items sold each year.

Every day, the brand sets out to conquer the 5 continents to offer consumers products whose shapes, capacities, as well as colours and decorations, correspond to local customs and practices.

Some figures...

30 million Opal Diwali plates produced per year
600,000 fans Facebook & Instagram
160 countries Our products are distributed there

In tune with the challenges of the time


A first quality glass


At the heart of the circular economy, glass has not finished enchanting our daily lives.

Luminarc glass is composed of:

• 30% recycled scrap glass

• 50% sand

• 15% soda

• 5% lime and mineral

80% of raw materials are transported by barges on inland waterways


To produce sustainably

Sustainable production is no longer negotiable. Controlling natural resources, recycling, eco-design…

Luminarc wants to offer to as many people as possible tableware that meets the challenges of our time.

The brand thus demonstrates that made in France can be part of the innovation for a world that turns more round.


A brand that listens to consumers

In addition to the stylish touch it brings to everyday life, Luminarc integrates new consumer trends and takes the field.

When fusion cuisine explores gastronomic territories, Luminarc offers new shapes and capacities of dishes, bowls or plates for world cuisines.

The brand in a video

The glass tableware


Luminarc in 2050

For some years now, functionality and usage issues have been at the heart of the design of Luminarc products and have made the brand a success.

But Luminarc is now taking another step towards its future, with the sole aim of bringing new answers to users’ expectations in a responsible environmental approach.

To achieve this goal, Luminarc aims to eco-design 100% of its products by 2025.

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