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How to organize your fridge ?

An untidy fridge has a lot of drawbacks: untraceable products, expiration dates passed, spoiled food… However, it only takes a few tips and a little discipline to keep your fridge clean and tidy, which guarantees perfect hygiene and saves time every day!

All it takes is a few tips and a little discipline to keep your fridge clean and tidy! Here are our tips for optimizing your fridge.



  • Know your fridge

There are different models of refrigerators:

  • Ventilated or stirred refrigerators: the cold is propelled evenly throughout the fridge. This means that the temperature is the same throughout the fridge. 
  • Static refrigerators: the temperature is different in each zone. Look at your instructions to see which zone is the coldest.

Before putting away your refrigerator, it might be a good idea to know where to store a particular food according to its preservation mode!


  • Store your food in the right place


Depending on the type of food, you should not store it in the same place because it needs to be kept at different temperatures.

  • Raw meats, fish, shellfish, raw milk cheeses, opened fresh products and products that you defrost should be placed in the coldest area, between 0 and 3°C.
  • Milk desserts, dairy products, fresh cheeses, homemade or industrial ready meals and pastries should be kept on the top shelves where the temperature is between 4 and 6°C.
  • Fruits and vegetables as well as hard cheeses or cheeses that are in the process of maturing can be stored in the vegetable bin, which is usually around 7-8°C.
  • Fresh eggs, butter, jams, drinks, condiments can be placed in the door of the appliance where the temperature is 6-8°C.


Put only those foods that need to be in the refrigerator for proper storage. Eggs, jams, unopened milk do not need to be kept in the refrigerator.


  •  Do not overload your refrigerator

Indeed, if you overload your refrigerator, the cold will not be able to pass correctly, it will not be effective, so the conservation of food will be bad. It is also important to avoid overloading your refrigerator, to avoid food being too close together and in contact with each other. Indeed, if the food is all touching each other, the contamination of food will be easier and the risk that food is contaminated becomes even higher.


  • The refrigerator and the food must be clean

In order to keep food longer, we suggest that you wash fruits and vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator.

What is even better and easier when preparing food is to peel and cut up the vegetables. Then store them in storage boxes so they will keep longer in the refrigerator.


  • Storing in storage boxes

For a tidier, more functional fridge, store your food in storage boxes. A box reserved for meat, a box for condiments, a box for cheese and other boxes for leftovers, this will allow you to know what you have left just by opening the fridge: you will save time and course to save on your budget.


Quick tip:Label your boxes with the dates your products were opened and their use-by dates. When you put the box away, remember to put the label towards you so that when you open the fridge you can see each label.


  • Save your leftovers

Don’t waste your leftovers!


For a better organization of the fridge and to avoid that the dish turns by putting directly the pan in the fridge, put your leftovers in conservation boxes such as our Easy Box or our Keep’n Box, they will allow you to optimize the storage of your fridge while preserving the freshness of food.

If you want to take the meal the next day or in the week, to go to work then, pour your dish directly into our Black Box for example or Pure Box Active. Our storage boxes are designed to make your daily life easier. Your culinary creations go from the freezer to the microwave without removing the lid thanks to their valve, thus protecting from possible projections.

There are no more secrets to optimize your fridge and preserve your food as long as possible. Now it’s up to you to find the fridge organization that suits you!

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