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My favorite, the Diwali Marble series… ✨

But where does the idea of our marble tableware come from?

Emilie, designer at Luminarc.

Hello, I’m Emilie!

I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl, so it’s not like I’m going to end up making a living out of it one day.

It was like an evidence, as a child I created many games, invented crazy jobs as a star-gatherer or a researcher of fantastic animals, that I drew of course. I love color more than anything, it’s my religion. A little bit of slack, I repaint this wall in green, in purple, in terracotta and here I go again, happier than ever!

I’m an optimist, humanist, traveler, life is beautiful and even more so in color. 😁







In my work, I put my expertise of 20 years of creation at the service of all, color harmony, personalized design, the beautiful must for me be accessible to the greatest number. Luminarc products are designed to make your life easier and more beautiful, that is the essence of my job.

Trends are obviously very important for the development of our collections. We work as a team, compiling the results of our observations and research. We are always on the lookout for new trends in the world of interior decoration, but also in fashion, equipment, catering, etc. We skim blogs, trend newsletters, trade shows, exhibitions, ….. It’s almost a reflex for us designers as fashions change, evolve or renew themselves.

This work is essential to create the products of tomorrow and to stand out!


For 2023, we have identified for you this Sensation trend!







After these dark years of isolation, admit you too want to party…receive friends, family…🥂🥂🥂

Imbued with softness and elegance ( French chic! 💙🤍💖) this trend is no less sensational!

Black, white, gray contrasts collide to make a splash for your guests. A festive table to celebrate the pleasure of simply being together.

In duo for Valentine’s Day or for a special evening for you… ❤️🔥

My favorite, the Diwali Marble series!

As if someone had blown on this plate and that the wisp of smoke was forever trapped inside… Soft and poetic shades that make this a timeless piece!

In white or gray for the most daring, each plate is unique for a table with sensational charm, like you!

To find the collection, it is here 👉👉