By Lucie, communication
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The perfect combination for a slow life: Mindy plates 🍃🍃

The perfect combination to go into “Slow life” mode: Mindy plates.

Elodie, industrial designer for Luminarc for 11 years.


Imagining, creating and drawing have always been my favourite hobbies, so what could be better than to make it my job? 💚



Imagining, it all starts with a drawing. 🖌


Imagining, it all starts with a drawing. We share it with the team then other ideas are born, the design evolves and maybe even changes colour or size, a complete range for the whole table even starts to take shape.

Then shared with the knowledge of the technical teams, your design evolves further and sometimes takes unexpected paths.

It is this perfect balance between creation and technique that makes every day a day of imagination and innovation.


 The magic moment in all this? When you discover a table full of items decorated with your designs!








And to illustrate all this work, here is the Ressourcefull trend.🍃🍃

With this range, you take the time to admire and enjoy. Sober colours and decorations reminiscent of natural materials, the perfect combination to go into ”Slow life” mode.


We love the Mindy décor !

If this lifestyle speaks to you, then you’ll love the Mindy décor. In beige or green, this decor plays on finesse with a subtle crackled effect, like an object that has already lived a thousand lives.


To find the collection, click here 👉👉 Latabledarc.