• A cocktail or nothing at all

    You don’t need to be a barman to give it a go. Tonight it’s cocktail evening at my place!

    Vincent, 27, product manager and taste explorer
  • My dazzling dinner

    I love hosting dinners at my place. It’s much more fun than meeting at a restaurant

    Adeline, 36 years old, Head of Communications, likes it when guests serve themselves again.
  • Healthy, tasty and organic!

    When it comes to my diet, I have certain principles: I only eat fresh, seasonal produce. Digging, planting, harvesting; I love to get my hands dirty and reconnect with nature.

    Jeanne, 41 years old, organic addict

Designer & Collections

  • Diwali colors

    A Luminarc exclusivity:
    New tones for opal items.

    Discover the most resistant of colourful plates!

  • Smart Cuisine Carine

    Smart Cuisine is uniquely light, extra–resistant Smart Cuisine from kitchen to table with ease.
    A short but complete oven dish range in terms of size, shape and usage. Family size to individual portions from roasting to baking, 5 dishes for different occasions

    Gregory, Designer

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