• A moment to myself

    Exercise should always be followed by relaxation and comfort

    Julie, 22, a hot chocolate fiend
  • A cocktail or nothing at all

    You don’t need to be a barman to give it a go. Tonight it’s cocktail evening at my place!

    Vincent, 27, product manager and taste explorer
  • Family Brunch

    For my family brunch, I have my own idea of the perfect spread: dessert plates, sturdy glasses, and everyone can eat standing around or curled up on my futons.

    Elodie, 29, loves inviting the whole family over

Designer & Collections

  • Smart Cuisine

    Smart Cuisine is uniquely light, extra–resistant Smart Cuisine from kitchen to table with ease.
    A short but complete oven dish range in terms of size, shape and usage. Family size to individual portions from roasting to baking, 5 dishes for different occasions

    Gregory, Designer
  • Lumikit

    LUMIKIT is ideal for young adults who want to invite family and friends with a large number of people

    Raphaëlle, Designer
  • Diwali

    Simplicity and timelessness provide the charm of the Diwali collection. The generous proportions and minimalist design create simple, modern table settings. Just the thing to set off your everyday culinary creations

    Gregory, Designer

Feel creative spirit

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