• Pool party reunion

    All set to celebrate: straw hats, boules, coloured inflatables, summer playlist and vibrant décor… feet in the water, glass in hand, simply enjoying being together again.

    Flavie, 30 years old, part Capricorn part mermaid
  • Style lesson

    As an interior designer, I love coming up with new decors and unearthing inspiring objects. In my home, the decor changes with the seasons, my travels and my mood. My friends never know what to expect when they come through the door!

    Sarah, 42, master of trends
  • Happy country moments

    A weekend in the countryside with our children? Our friends are always up for it! The schedule includes playing outside and enjoying homemade pies.

    Antoine, 38, is a ‘father hen’ (his spirit animal)

Designer & Collections

  • Diwali colors

    A Luminarc exclusivity:
    New tones for opal items.

    Discover the most resistant of colourful plates!

  • Smart Cuisine Carine

    Smart Cuisine is uniquely light, extra–resistant Smart Cuisine from kitchen to table with ease.
    A short but complete oven dish range in terms of size, shape and usage. Family size to individual portions from roasting to baking, 5 dishes for different occasions

    Gregory, Designer

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