• Mother’s day

    Patrick encourages his children to eat more healthily. Mother’s Day falls at exactly the time of year when vegetables start to appear.

    Patrick, 33, married, father of Inès and Louis
  • My dazzling dinner

    I love hosting dinners at my place. It’s much more fun than meeting at a restaurant

    Adeline, 36 years old, Head of Communications, likes it when guests serve themselves again.
  • Spring is back

    I spent the first 25 years of my life in Karelia, a region of Russia on the border with Finland. I am passionate about light…

    Nadejda, age 36, mother of two daughters

Designer & Collections

  • Bulla

    I designed a plate that brings out the sparkle of the glass using my imagination and what I think the great North must look like.Marine, Product Stylist

  • Unisson

    I designed Unisson with the idea to reduce the clutter in your kitchen cupboard, which is a real problem in our day!Gabrielle, Designer

  • Acrobate

    My challenge? To get rid of the image of a glass that is “stackable, technical, and… boring!” It’s a handy glass, true, but I also wanted to make it attractive and fun.Gregory, Designer

  • Conserve-moi

    The quirky idea of drinking from a jar was inspired by tin cans and using common products in a less ordinary way!, that’s what I liked about it.Lucie, Designer

  • Nest & Store

    Nest & Store was a team effort with our industrial and marketing experts. I designed these storage containers with all the qualities for an ideal everyday product.Raphaëlle, Designer

Feel creative spirit

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