Feel Creative

In 1948, Jacques Durand founded Luminarc to offer his customers around the world the best in tableware at affordable prices. Since then, the brand has continued to honour this founding principle. Our ambition is still the same: inviting you to treat yourself to simple, trendy, clever tableware. Tableware that you can change at whim to enhance your everyday or party tables.

Luminarc brings creativity to your table

For seven decades, Luminarc has been expressing the French art-de-vivre in shapes, motives and colours for dishware that remains modern and convenient. And a source of inspiration: the brand encourages you to adopt the collections, adapt them to your tastes of the moment… And feel creative! Today more than ever, Luminarc brings creativity to your table.

When it comes to design, French style invariably evokes fashion and elegance. We associate it with “quality, good taste and subtlety”, and celebrate its controlled extravagance, cheekiness and humour. Heir to the Age of Enlightenment, these flattering descriptions remain true and forever revisited.

Beauty at affordable prices: Luminarc’s hallmark

To make the list complete, let’s not forget the innovative aspect of French design, with its taste for avant-garde concepts, revolutionary ideas, and smart products for all those meticulously observed moments in life. Simple, trendy and clever: three qualities that perfectly describe the French hallmark. Luminarc fully shares this three-word definition. It is the only French tableware brand that offers you beauty at an affordable price.

Feel creative’ is Luminarc’s brand baseline. It speaks for itself.” It invites everyone to be creative: us working at Luminarc, and you when you choose your Luminarc products. For us, it means offering a variety of clever glasses, plates, accessories, containers… In a range of styles and décor that will allow you to be as daring as you want.

Luminarc collections: let your imagine run wild!

Serve tiramisu in a stemmed glass, match floral and graphic plates, mix colours and assert your style… The creativity of the brand is not just about products and collections, but about what you do from day to day in your kitchen, with your interior, on your table… following your whims and ideas. Luminarc invites you to be as original as you like!

Luminarc invests a lot in its Research and Development department. Our role? To anticipate changing consumer trends: inventing lighter, more resistance products or designing articles and shapes for the future; and applying strict international rules for products that come into contact with food (like heavy metals). We keep a close eye on the costs of these innovative products and methods: they must stay affordable for you.

Creating healthy products that are convenient and resistant

Luminarc’s opal™ and Zenix® revolutionised the world of tableware with their new, exemplary sturdiness. The same applies to our heat-resistance tempered glass: the reason why you are able to enjoy your espresso in a stylish, transparent cup. The decorations on our plates and glasses are the fruit of our undeniable know-how: they are completely lead-free, and can go straight into the dishwasher.

The technical development department ensures compliance with quality requirements and demands, which are among the strictest in the industry. The Arc glass-making skill has been a precious asset… since 1825! Luminarc collections are designed in France where most of the innovations are developed. The list is endless…

At Luminarc, we think of your every day life

Our products have qualities that are directly relevant to your daily life. Our glass is non-porous and therefore hygienic. Tempered glass items can go from fridge to microwave without any damage. Many of our pieces are designed to be stacked to facilitate storage in your kitchen. Our glasses are made from Purity Certified Glass, a guarantee of perfect transparency. That is why you trust us!

Day by day, our glass experts do everything they can to design and make products that are good for your health and that limit the environmental impact ie; lighter glasses with no heavy metals, low-temperature decoration techniques using organic inks, green packaging designs, etc.

Solidarity field actions

Solidarity and field investment are part of our corporate values. These anchors bring employees together around local projects like supporting associations that help people in difficulty, health awareness actions, and even bee-keeping workshops at the Arc beehives, that employees can attend.

Feel creative spirit

A perfect day by Luminarc!