By Nathan
In Duration ~ 2 min

Discovering the mineral trend, When nature inspires tableware

In the world of interior design and tableware, trends are constantly evolving to reflect our growing connection with nature. In 2024, the mineral trend is taking the world of tableware by storm, fusing timeless elegance with organic aesthetics.

Today, we’re talking to you about this exciting new trend that transforms our meals into a unique visual experience and introducing you to our Cottage collection.

Nature at Home:

The mineral trend highlights the raw beauty of natural materials, recalling the spectacular landscapes and timeless elements of our planet. Inspired by textures such as marble, granite and precious stones, this trend evokes a sense of calm and harmony in the home. We’ve captured this essence in our new collection, bringing a breath of nature to our tables.

Colour Palette:

A neutral colour palette defines the mineral trend. Soft shades of grey, beige, off-white and green combine to create a soothing ambience. We’ve explored this palette through plates, bowls and glasses that evoke the authenticity of natural materials while blending harmoniously into a variety of decorative settings.

Organic and geometric shapes:

Organic and geometric shapes blend together in Luminarc’s mineral collection. The clean lines and natural contours create an aesthetic that evokes both modernity and refinement. Each piece of mineral tableware has been designed to offer versatile options for both casual and sophisticated tables.

The mineral trend of 2024 offers an immersion in the raw beauty of nature, transforming our meals into exceptional sensory experiences. With its Cottage Granit collection, we offers interior design enthusiasts a unique opportunity to bring the magic of natural elements to their table. Embrace the mineral trend and discover how simplicity can be the ultimate expression of elegance in the home.

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