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Tips for setting the table in summery tones: the Diwali Paradise collection

The summer season is shaping up to be vibrant with colour and flavour, and what better way to welcome the season than with Luminarc’s Diwali Paradise collection? Known for its thousand shades and iconic French design, Luminarc presents a range of opal tableware that combines elegance, practicality and durability.

Brilliant shades to light up your tables!

Luminarc tableware stands out for its bright colours that evoke the energy of summer. The Diwali Paradise collection is characterised by sunny tones, bringing a fresh and cheerful touch to your table. Whether you opt for soothing pastel tones or bold, vivid shades, Luminarc offers an infinite palette for creating unforgettable summer arrangements.

Diwali Paradise for  table in summery tones
Diwali paradise

Quality and reliability for your everyday life!

Beyond its irresistible aesthetic appeal, Luminarc opal tableware is synonymous with quality and practicality. Designed to stand the test of time, it is both light and robust, and resistant to chipping and thermal shock. Thanks to its French manufacture and high-quality materials, the Diwali collection is ideal for everyday use.

Whether it’s for a family meal, a picnic with friends or an elegant dinner in the open air, Diwali is suitable for all occasions. Microwave and dishwasher safe, it offers exceptional versatility to simplify everyday life.
What’s more, its ease of storage makes it a practical choice for original buffets and festive receptions.

Our tips for sublime table settings!

To bring out the best in your dishes, here are a few simple tips for your table setting.

Mix and match colours!

Combine patterns and colours to create striking contrasts. Diwali Paradise and its shades of blue and green are a perfect match and will amaze your guests with its bright colours.

Combine different shapes!

From flat plates to bowls and salad bowls, Diwali Paradise lets you play with different shapes for an original presentation.

Let yourself be seduced by its summery colours and practical features, and transform every meal into a journey to the heart of good humour and conviviality.

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