By Nathan
In Duration ~ 3 min

At the Table of Trends: Explore the New Horizons of Tableware in 2024.

As we embark on a new year, it’s time to take a look at the emerging trends that will shape our tables in 2024. Let’s dive into the exciting trends that will make your meals even more memorable with our new 2024 products.

1. Soft Colour Palette

Soothing tones and soft colours are taking the tableware scene by storm in 2024. Luminarc offers sets in subtle hues that evoke an atmosphere of tranquillity and refinement. Delicate shades that enhance the culinary experience and bring a touch of softness to every meal. Our Pure Jar Colors, for example, add a touch of colour to your kitchen when storing food.

2. Nature and Sustainability

The importance of sustainability in all aspects of our lives is becoming increasingly apparent. In 2024, consumers are looking for environmentally friendly tableware options. Luminarc is answering this call with collections made from sustainable materials such as recycled glass, combining aesthetics with environmental responsibility. You can also find our black boxes for preserving your food.

3. Vibrant colours

Say goodbye to neutral tones and make way for bright colours! Tables in 2024 will be dynamic and energetic, with daring colour schemes. Luminarc offers crockery sets in a palette of vibrant hues, to give your table a lively and cheerful touch. In particular, our new Paradise Blue and Paradise Green colours, which you’ll find in our Diwali collection.

4. Mix & Match

The mix & match trend continues to gain ground in 2024. Consumers love the idea of combining different pieces to create a unique and personal table. Luminarc offers a variety of coordinating designs that lend themselves perfectly to this trend, allowing everyone to give free rein to their creativity. For example, our Salzburg glasses can be combined with our Diwali plates or our grand Chais Wine glasses.

5. Elegant transparency

Transparency is making its triumphant entry into the world of tableware in 2024. Transparent glass and crystal pieces offer timeless elegance, creating the perfect backdrop to showcase gastronomic delights. Luminarc offers a sparkling range that will transform your table into a visual extravaganza. You’ll find our Menades glasses the perfect way to set elegant tables.


2024 promises to bring exciting changes to the world of tableware, and Luminarc is leading the way with innovative designs and eco-friendly materials. Whether you’re a fan of minimalism, an advocate of sustainability or a mix & match enthusiast, Luminarc has the perfect tableware to complement your style.

Get ready to transform your table into a culinary work of art with the tableware trends of 2024, and let us accompany you on this sensory and aesthetic adventure. After all, every meal is a special occasion, and the tableware you choose can make all the difference.