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Our must-have pool party cocktail recipe

A pool party wouldn’t be a pool party without colourful, fresh and friendly cocktails. That’s why we at Luminarc have decided to present you with 7 must-have cocktail recipes for a pool party.


What type of cocktail for a pool party ?

For your pool party, you need to choose the right types of cocktails. As you will not have much time during the party, it is best to opt for simple cocktails.


Vary the types of cocktails so that guests have a choice. Of course, you should also have some non-alcoholic cocktails. There are some very successful ones.


Finally, to keep the pool party going throughout the day (or night), choose light, low-alcohol cocktails.


What type of glass to choose for what type of cocktail ?

At Luminarc, we offer quality glassware for all your parties. Are you a cosmopolitan fan ? We have the perfect cocktail glasses for you. More of a mojito fan ? Take a look at our tumblers (or long drinks). Spritz ? Our glasses will accommodate all your Aperol preparations. All our cocktail glasses are made in France to the highest standards. As a bonus, we even offer a very stylish shaker to make all your alcoholic preparations yourself.


The 7 essential cocktails for a pool party

Need inspiration for your cocktail recipes? Here are our 7 cocktail ideas for a pool party and for all types of parties.


1. The Mojito : the timeless classic


The Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail made with rum, soda, lime, and fresh mint leaves. A variation of the ti-punch from the West Indies, the daiquiri, and the Cuba libre, it has been around since the early 1900s. With a beautiful green colour, it is served in a tumbler glass like the one we offer at Luminarc.


The traditional recipe for the mojito is as follows:

  • Indian mint leaves.
  • 5 cl of Cuban rum or white or amber rum.
  • 1/2 lime in pieces.
  • 2 teaspoons of brown cane sugar.
  • Sparkling water, champagne or lemonade as a base.
  • Crushed ice.


2. The Spritz : a taste of holiday


A cocktail from Italy, and more specifically from the Venice region, the Spritz has become increasingly popular in recent years. Made with sparkling white wine (Prosecco if possible), Aperol (or Campari) and sparkling water, its beautiful orange colour, freshness and bitterness are the reasons for its success.


The Aperol Spritz cocktail consists of :


  • 50 ml of Aperol or Campari.
  • 75 ml Prosecco (dry).
  • 50 ml sparkling water.
  • 3 ice cubes.
  • 1 slice of orange for decoration.

The Spritz cocktail comes in a wide bowl with a long stem.


3. The Blue Hawaiian : the blue cocktail like the ocean


The Blue Hawaiian is a cocktail made with rum, pineapple juice and curaçao. It is this last ingredient that gives it its beautiful oceanic colour.


In terms of ingredients, the Blue Hawaiian contains :

  • 4 cl of white rum.
  • 12 cl of pineapple juice.
  • 1 cl blue curaçao.
  • 4 cl of coconut cream.


4. Pina Colada : for rum lovers

The Pina Colada is one of the most famous cocktails in the world. Originating from the island of Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles, this rum, coconut and pineapple-based drink has a creamy, fruity appearance. It is both sweet and refreshing.


Pina Colada is made in a shaker. The recipe is as follows:

  • 25 cl of white rum.
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract.
  • 1 cinnamon stick.
  • 1 grated nutmeg.
  • 400 ml of coconut milk.
  • 1 litre of pineapple juice.
  • 1/2 litre of banana juice.


5. The Margarita :  the quintessential Mexican cocktail

The Margarita is a tequila-based cocktail created by Americans from Mexico in the 1940s and 1950s in Acapulco. A version of the daisy cocktail where the brandy is replaced by tequila, it is a drink that can take on different shades depending on the fruit used to prepare it (red with strawberry, yellow with mango, etc.). Aesthetic and convivial, the Margarita is served in a cocktail glass of the same name.


Here is the recipe for the Margarita :

  • 5 cl of tequila.
  • 3 cl of triple sec.
  • 2 cl lemon juice.
  • A cup of salt.


6. Soda coffee : to regain energy

To give your guests a boost of energy during the pool party, the Soda Café is the ideal cocktail. It offers freshness with the soda and a little kick with the coffee.


To prepare a Coffee Soda for 8 people, you need the following ingredients

  • 25 cl boiling water.
  • 250 g coffee grounds.
  • 1 tablespoon of coffee extract.
  • 200 g sugar.
  • 10 g citric acid.
  • sparkling water.


7. The Coconut kiss : a very good non-alcoholic cocktail

For your guests who don’t drink alcohol, we recommend the Coconut Kiss to be made in a shaker. To prepare it, you will need :

  • 3 cl of pineapple juice.
  • 4 cl of orange juice.
  • 2 cl of coconut syrup.
  • 3 cl of liquid cream.