By Nathan
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Discover colored opal with the Friends’ Time Experience collection.

Discover our colored opal dinnerware, an innovation that will change the way you think about meals. With plates in generous formats that invite discovery and conviviality, this range is designed to accommodate all your gourmet desires.

A collection full of color!

Our Friends’ Time Experience collection is available in white, black and turquoise. There’s something for every taste! And what’s more, you can mix and match the colors as you see fit for ultra-stylish tables. For those who like to play with contrasts and associations, Friends’ Time Experience plates are sure to please.

Practicality and durability

As well as being aesthetically appealing, the Friend’s Time collection is also ultra-practical. Made from chip-resistant opal, these plates are perfectly suited to everyday use. What’s more, their microwave resistance gives you total flexibility in preparing and reheating your favorite dishes.

An invitation to indulge

Whether you’re a fan of pizza, steak, pasta or mezze, the Friend’s Time collection is here to delight you! Its spacious plates let you present your favorite dishes with style and generosity. With 4 different sizes to choose from, Friends’ Time Experience can accommodate everything from tajines to sushi!

The little extra: Made in France design

This collection is 100% Made in France! Discover Luminarc’s expertise in this colorful collection.

Our plates are stackable, perfect for small spaces!

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