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How to make a beautiful festive table for Christmas?

To create a warm atmosphere and a festive table for Christmas, the trend is towards plants. It is a chic theme, which can be minimalist or maximalist. The right combination of materials and colours in the tableware, table linen and accessories is the key to a successful table decoration. Adding a few sparkling sequins and candles to accentuate the festive aspect and delight children and adults alike.


Shades of white for table linen

In order to highlight the tableware and table decorations, start by choosing beautiful table linen. To make sure you don’t go wrong and to make the most of chic and elegance, opt for white tones: ivory, cream, ecru. The idea is to superimpose these different shades. This will create a light and warm base that will enhance the tableware and your decor. As far as materials are concerned, linen and cotton are the perfect natural fibres for a plant theme.


Snow white tablecloth for Christmas

The first element of the table linen is the tablecloth, either round or rectangular. It can be chosen in a pure white colour. This way, its neutrality accentuates the aesthetics and colours of the rest of the composition. Choose a thick tablecloth made in France, with quality finishes. Sprinkle it with gold glitter, which will sparkle in the light.


Ivory table runner

The table runner is the piece that structures the composition of the festive table. An ivory tone makes it stand out against the white tablecloth. It goes very well with natural decorations such as green foliage, brown wood and gold accessories. The ivory tone also brings out the transparency of the decanters and pitchers on the table beautifully.


Napkins for festive meals

When it comes to napkins, a third shade of white can be chosen. Together with the pure white of the tablecloth and the ivory of the table runner, a creamy white can be used. You can also choose napkins in a golden tone, in which the soft light of the candles will be reflected. To keep with the plant theme, consider tying a few twigs or ivy garlands as napkin rings.


Inspiration for a green Christmas table decoration

The purity of the white table linen highlights the natural materials chosen for the table decoration. The plant elements (fir branches, twigs, pinecones) bring softness and fit perfectly into the Christmas spirit.


Plant centrepiece

For the table centrepiece, you can choose delicately scented fir branches. The good scents of the forest will come into your home to the delight of your guests. You can weave them into a wreath and add a few pine cones and pretty baubles. You can also make small DIY decorations to complete your central wreath. For example, star patterns, snowflakes or characters (reindeer, Santa, snowman) made from twigs.


Natural wooden coasters

To enhance the aesthetics of your glassware, choose coasters made from wooden logs. Remember to cut them out of the trunk of the Christmas tree before you start decorating your tree. Placed next to the place cards, these coasters bring the warmth you want for a family meal. The natural wood on the table also gives a Scandinavian and cocooning atmosphere, perfect for Christmas.


Candles and candle holders

For a cosy light, natural and fragrance-free candles are ideal. Choose them in different sizes. They can be placed in golden candle holders to give off a soft light and make glasses and cutlery sparkle. Tealights can also be placed on small wooden logs. Place them all along the table. They give off a cosy light that is perfect for a Christmas meal.


Ideal tableware for Christmas

To make your Christmas table sparkle, it is advisable to choose white tableware and transparent glassware (glasses, jugs, carafes). Firstly, because white and transparent catch the light. Secondly, because these neutral colours are perfect for a plant theme.


White plates for Christmas

The layering of plates is decorative and practical. The soup plate placed on a flat plate is used for the starter or first course. This is perfect for a soup, for example. The flat plate is reserved for fish or meat. Both types of plates are chosen in a white tone to respect the theme of soft and vegetal decoration.


Fancy cutlery for the holidays

To play up the festive aspect, you can choose golden cutlery. They go well with white tableware. They also help to create the festive atmosphere that makes the eyes of children and adults shine.


Wine and water glasses

Placed side by side in front of each of your guests, there are the indispensable wine and water glasses. With their transparency and slender lines, these glasses provide the final touch of elegance. In addition, they encourage the play of light that candles, glitter and gold elements allow. You can choose a pair of stemmed glasses or combine a stemmed glass with a tall goblet. Champagne lovers can add a pretty flute as a third glass to this combination.