Stylish Moments

Happy country moments

A weekend in the countryside with our children? Our friends are always up for it! The schedule includes playing outside and enjoying homemade pies.

Antoine, 38, is a ‘father hen’ (his spirit animal)

When Antoine and his little troop left the capital city for the country, their friends thought they were crazy! Cutting themselves off from their friends was out of the question, so when a long weekend comes around, the families meet up near Lorient.

The secret to a successful weekend is bringing everyone, old and young, together!

Dinner’s ready

It’s a beautiful day, so everyone decides to enjoy the meal outside. It’s the perfect occasion for the little city dwellers to run around barefoot playing Wild West make believe! A table is set for the adults, and another for the children.

Quick tip To encourage our budding adventurers to clean their plates, the table is set with fun, colourful tableware. They ask for seconds!

Green attitude

My friend Lucie is looking for a gift for her newborn niece. I would suggest something more original than a teddy bear or blanket. How about some beautiful glassware? It’s practical, eco-friendly, and she will use it for years to come. I still remember my first plate–it had a blue border.

Quick tip When I came back to live in my home town in Brittany, I changed my ways and stopped using plastic. It’s a better choice for the planet.

Like a big kid

On all fours in the grass with my son Hugo perched on my back, I think we must look like we are setting out to conquer the Wild West! He asks for more organic apple juice produced at the neighbouring farm. He can even serve himself. Who cares if he spills a little on the table cloth?

Quick tip You learn by trying, which is why we have glasses that are easy to hold and very strong!