Stylish Moments

On the road again

Picnics are the highlight of summer. I’ve been counting down the days for six months!

With Sophiane, 31, not a drop is wasted

In Sophiane’s family, the passion for picnics has been handed down from generation to generation. This summer, the clan will get together on the banks of the Loire for an ample feast. For Sophiane, it’s an unmissable ritual that marks the beginning of the holidays.

A picnic just how Sophiane likes them


You don’t want to mistime a speed bump; your salad dressing will go all over your car and the smell will stay with you all summer. Trust me, I’ve been there more than once. Luckily, I’m well prepared, especially with my son around.

Quick tip I store my home-made vinaigrette in a glass container with a lid that’s completely airtight.

Treasured heirloom

My mother finally gave me her special picnic set, which includes pretty pastel-coloured plates that are both light and strong. I had to promise her a thousand times that I’d take good care of it before she’d accept.

Quick tip One summer, my cousin came with plastic plates. We all gave him a disapproving look. No to pollution and no to disposable dinnerware!

The picnic pro

Gone are the days of cold chicken and hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise. Now our meals could almost rival those of a Michelin chef. Tarts of all kinds, savoury cakes, tortillas, gazpacho, gooey chocolate cake, fruit skewers … Every year, we surpass ourselves!

Quick tip Containers in practical shapes save space in the car! I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I'm a picnic pro.