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Nature diaphane

A green world flooded with light and where getting lost is a pleasure

Words of illumination from Raphaëlle, industrial designer

Think back to the last time you turned your face to the sun… As the rays of sunlight caressed your skin, there was an imperceptible change in your body. During this luminous interlude, you reconnected with yourself and with nature. Can you remember that feeling now? Then you’ve already grasped the essence of the Nature Diaphane trend!


Purified by this bath of light, you take a fresh look at your surroundings. Obstacles become opportunities that you seize without hesitation!

Inner peace

For minutes, hours, even days, you distance yourself from the commotion of the city. The aim? To immerse yourself in nature and find yourself again.


Where does this feeling of freedom come from? From the gentle breeze that rustles the leaves in the trees, from your transformation… From wherever!

Supreme clarity

The all-powerful light is reflected from surface to surface and transforms landscapes. It whitens colours, and sculpts silhouettes.


Just like watercolourists using subtle strokes, alternating intense and translucent shades.


Leafy, grassy, olive, fern green… You can try anything, as long as you opt for natural tones.

Field flowers

Bellflower, angelica, forget-me-not, cornflower… These usually discreet flowers lie in the foreground. They are THE motif to integrate into your decoration.


This natural material has a wacky charm, so give it a chance. On a wall, lampshade, cushion, or the floor – anything is possible!

Lace, tulle, organza, and more...

All the fabrics, elegant and hazy, that dim the light.

It's time for a bath... of light!

Your first time in the style

  • 1How would you describe yourself in two words? Stressed and grumpy Calm and cheerful
  • 2What's the plan for tonight? TV dinner? No, the herbarium!
  • 3What a nice new phone case made of... cork
  • 4The more overexposed your photos are, the better you'll feel

Next step #expert

  • 1The whole family dressed in tutus
  • 2Make a bedside table out of corks
  • 3Your next holiday destination? A clearing in the Brocéliande forest
  • 4Don't leave the house without your wild-flower wreath

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